1993 Hardinge HLV-H Tool Room Lathe

ID #: 414289
Model: HLV-H
Type: Precision Lathes
Condition: Used – Good
Year: 1993
Serial #: HLV-H-14818-T
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
Return Policy: 30 days
Stock #: 14818

1993 Hardinge HLV-H Tool Room Precision Lathe

This machine was purchased from the original owner who had custom ordered it in white from the factory. This is a late model lathe that has many desirable features such as a Fagor Innova 40i color 3 axis DRO, hardened and ground cross slide way inserts, full coolant and chip guard, teflon carriage coating, 7″ wide flame hardened & ground lathe bed, Hardinge 4 degree taper lock spindle and much more.

This is a very clean machine but it did not come to me that way. I have spent over 60 hours disassembling, cleaning, servicing and testing this machine. Not only does it look nice everything on this machine is functioning 100%. I have treated this machine as if it was my own. This is not a machine rebuilder shiny paint junk machine. This machine is under power and can be run and tested on site. The spindle is whisper quiet even at full speed of 3000 RPM. I cut a test bar and it was 0.0003″ taper over 7 inches which could even be improved upon. The gearbox shifts easily and functions as it should. The DC motor power feed works well and all apron clutches function as they should.

Below is an overview of the service that has been done…

  • -Full detailed degreasing, disassembling and cleaning
  • -Carriage hand wheel bushings replaced and shaft re-fitted
  • -Coolant sump fully cleaned and ready for coolant of choice
  • -Gear box lubricated with new grease
  • -Bijur oil pump system completely flushed and all o-rings replaced. Verified all oil holes free of debris and functioning
  • -Drive belts adjusted and tensioned
  • -DC Power feed motor cord replaced, motor cleaned and new brushes installed
  • -Collet closer disassembled and bearing replaced with new
  • -2 new rubber way wipers installed
  • -Carriage removed and teflon sheet degreased and cleaned
  • -Carriage and Cross slide gibs adjusted
  • -New lexan installed onto chip guard
  • -Apron fluid drained and replaced with Mobilfluid 350
  • -Tailstock and headstock alignment checked and adjusted

Lathe comes with an assortment of collets and manuals, 6 jaw chuck, and tool post.


Swing: 11 “
Centers: 18 “
Threading: Yes
Power: 1.5 hp
RPM: 3000 rpm
Dimensions: 68″ x 30″ X 48″
Weight: 1800 lbs
  • -Infinitely Variable Spindle control 125-3000 RPM
  • -2 speed fully balanced ball bearing motor (230V)
  • -Independent electric variable power feeds (1/4″ – 7″ per minute)
  • -Super Precision preloaded ball bearing spindle
  • -1-1/16″ Collet capacity
  • -Fast lever collet chucking
  • -Hardened and ground cross slide inserts
  • Hardinge 4 degree tapered spindle nose
  • -27 thread pitches standard in gearbox
  • -1-1/4″ through spindle capacity
  • -Automatic threading stops
  • -Lever actuated immediate leadscrew reversing
  • -Quick acting tool post slide for threading


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