1971 Monarch 10EE Long Bed S/N 50544

Link to Video of Machine in Operation

Bought new in 1971 by General Electric, this rare long bed 10EE is in great condition. I have converted it from 460V to 240V and the machine runs very well now. This will run on single or three phase power.

Machine includes Aloris tool post, steady rest, follow rest, MT2 & MT3 spindle sleeves, Lexan chip shield, Drive Dog, 8″ 4 jaw chuck, Hardinge/Sjogren 22J collet chuck, 50+ 22J collets in round, square, & hex

As a preventive maintenance measure all the fluids have been changed. All three belts have been replaced and all 6 belt tension idler bearings have been replaced. The oiling system has been fully flushed and all oil metering units have been replaced with new. The cooling fan is new and the large tubes have been replaced with a matching pair.

This is a very smooth running & original machine.